Ray, my mentor, saved me. I was totally upside down in a very large, make-or-break real estate deal. My whole company was hanging on the outcome. I heard about Ray from a friend and I called him in and within three days we had a strategy that he talked me through as I went from bank to bank re-organizing a $1.6M real estate transaction. One week later, we closed the deal and it would not have happened if Ray had not been there. I attribute a great deal of my success today to Ray’s help with that deal.

--Sharon Hillhouse
Hillhouse Realty
Austin, TX



How does $9.00 an hour sound?

Because we know that price is ALWAYS an issue, we have positioned Denver Web Services as the most cost-effective, high-quality provider in the Denver metro area.

As the customer, you need to understand that TRUE quality web services and internet marketing work require very specific, detailed process knowledge--and a great deal of difficult, tedious work, combined with long hours. There are simply no shortcuts.  If you are not convinced, please do a project yourself and--we believe you'll quickly agree!

There are several other top-flight, reputable, professional web development and SEO service providers in the Denver metro area. We have no shortage of competition and in order to win your business we know that we must compete on price and quality. We get it--and we do it.

What makes Denver Web Services DIFFERENT from our competition is the following:

  • The Full Package of Services. We don't just offer web-development or SEO or email marketing...Denver Web Services offers the full-range of web and internet marketing services. We also offer Denver's best business consulting. You cannot build an effective internet marketing strategy unless you understand the mechanics of business. When we do a job, we bring our extensive business experience to the table. With all due respect, a few tech-savvy thirty-something's just cannot offer this.

  • A Professional Offshore Team. Our trained, well-organized offshore Team allows us to get the heavy-lifting done in a cost-effective manner for our clients. It's difficult to build a Team like we have...a Team that has all the tools and training necessary to support your web and internet marketing needs

Web Development & Internet Marketing Pricing. Naturally, the final price for each project is different. We can look at your requirements and give you a job estimate, but we have found that many times our client's requirements will change during the job, affecting the amount of work required. Ultimately, what it costs you will depend upon the number of hours it takes to get the job done. Our offshore technical Team costs you $9 per hour. That means that if your budget is $500 per month, we can give you 55 hours of technical work. What can you do in 55 hours? A lot, and we'll show you exactly what in our weekly reports.

Business & Web Consulting. Business and web consulting is performed by Ray Hutchins and is billed at $75 per hour with a four-hour minimum. Ray will provide a free 60-minute consultation for new clients.

Reputation Management. A strong reputation management program requires substantial hands-on management time that is supported by offshore, back-end SEO work. Reputation management time is billed at $75 per hour and offshore support at $8-12 per hour, depending upon the specific work.

Business Writing & Editing. Professional business writing and editing is not something for which we can use offshore talent. The cultural nuances and specifics related to professional business communication in the English language cannot be mastered by non-native English language speakers and writers. Business writing and editing services are billed at $38 per hour.

 Web-based Mobile Biz App Development.  This is a very specialized, high-end service for business clients. We'll do as much of this work offshore as possible, but many times our U.S. clients don't want projects developed offshore...they want U.S. talent. Work produced by our U.S. Team is billed at $45-95 per hour. The offshore development component is billed at $24-$40 per hour. 

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