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Denver SEO Ray is one of the most versatile and knowledgable individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. He joined my Team in the middle of a large internet project and took the reins, closing many of the loopholes and bringing desperately needed energy to the group. The result was a huge success. I plan to continue working with Ray highly recommend him to anyone thinking of doing so.Denver Search Engine Optimization

--Nan Roecker, CEO
Benchrock Enterprises
Denver, CO


Mobile Marketing

Smart phones, iPADs, and wireless tablet computers are once again changing the web and how businesses interface with it--and with their customers.

Getting a marketing message to a potential customer who is accessing the web via a mobile device is different than getting that message to someone on a laptop or PC. Screen sizes, bandwidths, and attention spans are different, and thus, the process is different. 

This is such an important shift that Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has said that everything Google does from now on...it does on mobile FIRST. That sentiment is no doubt driven by the fact that Google controls 98% of the mobile search market--a market you cannot afford to ignore.

It's still so new and is moving so fast that it is hard for anyone to wrap their minds around mobile marketing. But what is mobile marketing, exactly...what are its parts?

  • SMS/Text Messages-texting campaigns are a big and effective way to gain new customers and maintain customer loyalty

  • Mobile Optimized Web Content-making your web pages look good on a mobile browser or building a mobile website that solves all content issues

  • Mcommerce-collecting money on the move via mobile devices

  • CPA Marketing (cost per action)-a huge part of online commerce, but to make it work on mobile, the content must be correctly mobile-optimized

  • Pay-per-Call- affiliate programs that pay you when you send qualified phone calls to advertisers

  • Mobile Ad Platforms-growing fast with lots of opportunities...but which one is right for your business?

  • Mobile Applications-being used by many to generate leads and customers

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Denver Web Services specializes in the production of Mobile Websites specifically designed for optimal viewing on smart phones with lower bandwidth.


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