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Is Off-shoring IT Work un-American?

There is a valid discussion and concern related to how many U.S. jobs have been and/or are being lost to foreign countries. There is no question that many jobs once done in the U.S. are now being outsourced to other countries. And even though the United States is still by far the largest manufacturer in the world, many well-paid manufacturing jobs have been outsourced which has clearly had a detrimental effect on workers in certain parts of the country. 

When we start talking about off-shoring IT work though, the subject matter becomes very blurry very fast. First of all, solid data on just how many people in the United States are working in IT or IT-related jobs is impossible to acquire. But we know that the number working in this field is FAR greater than it was 10 years or even five years ago—and the number continues to expand.

It is also apparent that there is a substantial demand for qualified IT workers across multiple industries in the U.S. today. In fact, there is more demand than there is supply. That is because there has been a radical and irreversible shift in our economy. Virtually everything is now dependent to one degree or another on IT. That’s right--everything.

That means you need a LOT of people to build, sell, service, implement and run all the hardware and software related to IT infrastructure. IT jobs are being created at a very high rate-- and there just are not enough trained Americans to fill all those jobs.

From a purely anecdotal perspective, Denver Web Services has relationships with a lot of Denver-based IT personnel and businesses. Virtually all of them are busy and have plenty of work. If you are a well-trained IT professional, there is work for you in the United States and, as a result, more and more Americans are in the process of learning IT skills--either via formal education or self-learning.

The internet by its very nature is a great learning facility. What do you want to know? Look it up…read it…learn it. And once you learn it, it appears to us that you can find work and/or a way to make money with it. In fact, A HUGE part of the U.S. underground economy right now is comprised of IT workers working from home--either for someone else or for themselves.

Denver Web Services has built and trained professional IT teams in India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. This is not an easy task due to the intrinsic cultural differences between our peoples. Because of this, I have found that I am unable to assign all parts of our various projects to these teams. Some things simply must be done by our American teammates…so not all our work is off-shored.

This is also the case with a great number of other American companies who are utilizing off-shore labor. To make sure that our work is successful in meeting the expectations of our clients, our Team must completely manage and control each project--from beginning to end. There is just no short-cut for this.

A key driver in the success of Denver Web Services is the fact that people want things done for less money. NONE of my clients has ever told me that he or she wanted to pay a higher price to have a website SEO’d or to build a piece of software by using purely American IT talent.

So, I have drawn two conclusions

  1. There is plenty of IT work to go around for qualified IT workers

  2. Even if there were not, purchasers of IT services will go for the best deal…regardless of where it is sourced. But if you are the right IT worker in the U.S., with the right skills (including basic human communication skills), you’ll get the job. Otherwise…it may go to someone in India or East Asia.

Please call me for a further discussion of this issue.

Raymond Hutchins
President, Denver Web Services



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