Denver SEO Ray Hutchins was my mentor from February 2008 to February 2009. During that time he helped me clarify issues and set strategic goals for SoftShied as a company and for the development of our PowerPoint security software. Ray’s guidance on creating and executing the internet marketing plan for this product was immensely valuable. He is highly goal oriented and understands the nuances of marketing a product online and direct to end-users. I highly recommend Ray as a Mentor and trusted advisor.

--Dr. Phil McCready
Softshield, LLC
Lakewood, CO

Internet Marketing

"I own a fast growing internet marketing company that specializes in the senior-care market and I face a host of problems that only another internet pro can fully understand. I met Ray after I bought a domain name from him and was thrilled to learn that he was not only a master of the internet, but that he also had huge entrepreneurial experience that is of great value to someone like me. I immediately hired him as my consultant and we have developed a very strong relationship--he is almost like a business partner to me. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Merrily Orsini, CEO,
CoreCubed Inc., Louisville, KY  denver reputation management 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—SEO is still one of the primary anchors of any solid internet marketing strategy—because it works. But know this…SEO requires a LOT of technical knowledge and it takes a LOT of hard work to make it happen. The only truly cost effective way to do a SEO campaign is by effectively leveraging off an off-shore technical talent base. Denver Web Services has assembled and trained a first rate, 30-person, first-class SEO Team. Let us get you to the first page of the search results and keep you there.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)—It’s all the rage and it seems that you read about it everywhere, but does it really work? The answer is no--not unless it's done carefully and cost-effectively by people who understand the media and have prior experience running campaigns. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter…are huge and important databases that can have real value to your business if they are mined and used properly. SMO is not right for every business, so let us help you determine if a SMO campaign will deliver the ROI you desire.

Facebook: No one knows exactly where Facebook is going, but in certain ways it has already become a rival and threat to Google. Now is the time to establish your personal and business profiles and stake out your brand turf. We can get this done for you in a cost-effective way that will pay you benefits for years to come.

Linked In: All successful business people understand and appreciate the power of networks. Linked In is a monster network--a huge database of serious professionals and it's an opportunity for you to generate new business relationships and leads. You'll need a professional profile and also a carefully planned and orchestrated campaign to work your ever expanding network. If done consistently and correctly, this network can yield leads and resources that will continuously grow your business.

Mobile Marketing—The world is going mobile before our very eyes--and where the eyeballs are, you will want to be also. New and exciting ways to get your message to the smart (and still ubiquitous feature) phones are rolling out daily. Coupons, Groupons, contests, text message campaigns…it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Tell us your marketing problems and let us present some effective solutions--we're experienced and know how to do it.

One of the first things to consider is a mobile website to supplement your primary site. Go HERE to learn what the benefits are and how we can help you get this done in a cost-efficient way.

Email Marketing—Email is still the primary communication tool of the internet and it’s WAY too important to be overlooked in your internet marketing program. To run a successful email campaign you must have good, targeted lists, reliable systems and procedures, the right on-line tools, well-written emails, and the experience to know when and how to deploy a campaign. It also doesn’t hurt to be a graduate of Dan Kennedy’s Information Marketing Course.


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