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Denver SEO “Ray has been there for me as a Mentor. He made it a point to go out of his way to use his relationships to help me make some very critical connections. Ray is insightful and a true giver here on LinkedIn and in my LinkedIn workshops. He has provided me with ideas and inputs that have helped me craft my expansion plans. His grasp of business and his willingness to share his experience has been important to me. Ray is A++ and I am sure there are hundreds of others that would line up to cheer me on in saying such.” Denver Search Engine Optimization

--Mike O'Neil, Pres. Integrated Alliances, Denver, CO


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Is email really dead?

Despite all the changes with respect to social media, email marketing is still a fundamental way of communication that cannot be ignored. Most business people still rely primarily on email to communicate with other business people. And most businesses still rely primarily on email to communicate with consumers who have agreed to accept their emails.

To run an effective email campaign you need the following:

Good, targeted email lists. Just any old list will not do—it has to be a list that has been pre-screened in some fundamental way to contain recipients with some level of receptivity to your offer or information. Preferably, these will be opt-in or even double opt-in lists. Some people can and do run very effective and targeted SPAM email campaigns where no permission to send is granted by the email recipient…but the most effective campaigns will be those sent to opt-in lists.

Robust Email Management System (EMS) like Constant Contact or Campaigner. Systems, such as Constant Contact or Campaigner are efficient and economical. They typically cost only $35-40 a month and are worth every nickel. They’ve got all the features and reporting systems necessary to manage and monitor on-going, persistent campaigns.

Professionally-written emails. These need to be interesting emails with strong subject lines. They need to be emails that contain good content and valuable offers.  Sending out junk will not get results and your desired ROI.

A structured plan. Randomly sending out emails will not work. A structured plan includes the trained, responsible personnel necessary to execute the plan.    

 If you are interested in creating a professional, on-going email campaign…Denver Web Services can help. Our offshore email professionals are fully trained in the use of Campaigner--a full-featured EMS. We can help you build your lists, design your campaign, execute the campaign, and analyze the reports to fine tune your campaign to improve results over time. And because our teams are offshore, we can get this job done for you in a very cost effective manner.



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