Denver SEO Ray has been my consultant for several years. The information and guidance he provided proved invaluable during a critical time for TerraFrame, my start-up company. Due to the highly technical nature of our product, it was very difficult to market and position. In addition to other things, Ray helped me to develop and prioritize internet marketing strategies that made all the difference to our launch. Ray helped me position the company strategically so we could close a $450k software development deal that proved up the core technology concept and moved the company to the next level.

--Nate McEachen
Pres., TerraFrame
Broomfield, CO

Domain Monetization

Just for a moment, think of the web in terms of traditional real estate and visualize the domain name as the land...and the website as the building you put on that land. And, as in traditional real estate, with domain names...it is all about location, location, location.

Denver Web Services began its journey as a company after our founder, Ray Hutchins invested in several thousand geo-targeted keyword domain names and pursued a campaign of selling and trading them. Today he is a recognized specialist in this area. Ray quickly learned that everything on the web is forever in flux and change…except one of its pillars, the foundation, which is domain names. They are the underlying "internet real estate" that makes it all work.  As a web player, you too should understand the power of domains and how to use them to enhance your own internet operations. 

Domain Investing—Many people think that all the good domain names have already been acquired by the early domain investors. They are wrong. We are still in the early stages of a global trend of internet domain names becoming more and more important as internet infrastructure--and financial assets to businesses and individuals.  As an example that you might find very close to home, in an environment where it is increasingly important to control what is said about yourself on the internet, only a tiny fraction of people own their own personal name domains. Do you own yours?

Network Building—More people are coming to understand that owning and operating one website is a nice start, but only a start. Increasingly and quietly, you’ll find businesses now owning tens (or even hundreds) of websites…and why not? They are relatively cheap and it’s like owning multiple store fronts in one or more locations. In addition, if constructed correctly,  these domain names can be linked together into powerful networks. Denver Web Services is a specialist in this area.

Domain Marketing Strategies—Do you happen to have an account at GoDaddy or one of the other major hosting companies? Have you noticed the incredible number of features and services available to customers who are seeking business mastery of the web? There are lots of ways to make money from an internet real estate empire and it is just beginning. A trip of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Take the first step with someone you trust.  


Can You Get Quality Development With an Offshore Team?

Emphatically YES.

The Indian economy is being driven in large part by the fact that U.S. and European countries are getting their software developed there. A huge amount of global software, software support, customer support, and web development is being done in India and east Asia.

Denver Web Services is owned and operated by Ray Hutchins, a well-known and respected Denver business-person. Our technical teams have been built and trained by Ray and all work is strictly and closely supervised by Ray. You can expect U.S. professional standards in all work products but at substantial labor savings.

Call Ray Hutchins at 303-997-5506 for more information about how we can get your web work done at a price you can live with.


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